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Our state of the art indoor pro tunnels are a perfect way for you to train like the pros year round. Or facility is dedicated to providing an amazing training environment for athletes of all ages and skill levels. Our training area provides over 7,000 square feet of training area. The space is equipped with top of the line artificial turf to provide a game day playing experience. We have 3 retractable pro tunnels that are 72' long and over 14' tall to give you better ball travel. There is also 2 pitching stations complete with youth and high school pitching mounds and pitching screens. The facility provides a huge line of training equipment and aids for baseball and softball such as L screens, radar guns, pitching machines, hitting T's, cones, agility ladders, agility parachutes, jump ropes, battle ropes, medicine balls, hitting slugs, and much much more!

Team Rates:

$5 per player for the entire turf training space! (1 hour/ whole field) This rate requires a minimum of 8 players.  

Individual Rates: (Limit 3 per cage/ $5 per player over 3)

$15 for 30 min session

$20 for 1 hour session

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