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At Top Flight Athletics we offer one of the top competitive gymnastics teams in the state. Our competitive teams begin at Level 1 and go up through Level 10. For those gymnasts who desire a more challenging experience, we offer competitions in meets sanctioned by NGA Gymnastics.  Whatever your desire, Top Fight has a competitive option for you.

If your child has an interest in one of our competitive gymnastics teams, please contact Kaitlyn Holloway at 812-662-9912.

Congrats to our new Competitive Gymnasts

Level 1

Nora Sanchez

Alice Gerrian

Reece Applegate

Leah Turney


Harper Ryan

Grace Wewe

Raylynn Goodrich

Lettie Amrhein

First practice:

Level 1: Thursday,  May 26th

Silver: Friday, May 27th

No Gymnastics on Monday, May 30th (Memorial Day)

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